Swing Wing Productions is an aerial photography and videography company. The images are captured by remote-controlled multi-rotor helicopters with mounted high-definition cameras.

At Swing Wing Productions, we don’t have a niche audience. Our products service a wide range of clients. If it’s film, oil & gas, agriculture, weddings or anything else in between, we can help you!

Did we mention that we’re fast? With our efficient work flow, you can send our pilot all around the world and you’ll have a edited and polished product to you within a few days of our last film date.

How We Do This

We use a helicopter with a multi-rotor technique known as line-of-site. What does that mean? We capture images with RC helicopters that never leaves our pilots’ line of sight. We are able to mount a camera to our RC helicopters so that we can take photos and film what you want. By using RC helicopters, it’s a fraction of the cost compared to utilizing a full-scale airplane or helicopter for aerial photography.

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  • “Kris is able to capture and tell a much more interesting story of the oil and gas industry… It gives you a different perspective. I think a better perspective quite frankly.”Jay Norton, Norton Energy Drilling



Kris Barton is the Owner and a pilot for Swing Wing Productions. He comes from a aviation background and stay current on his pilots license. Kris has been building RC helicopters since he was a child and brought his passion for RC and a the visual mediums together.