About Swing Wing Productions

Swing Wing Productions is an aerial photography and videography company. The images are captured by remote-controlled multi-rotor helicopters with mounted high-definition cameras. All of our cameras are stabilized with the latest technology to provide stable and jitter-free media. We can carry just about any SLR camera on the market, and even the Red Scarlet 4K if needed in certain situations. We are also capable of providing an on-site option if the customer wants to come out to the shoot. We can then show the customer exactly what our helicopter is seeing to ensure the proper shot is obtained.  Our multi-rotor helicopters are capable of capturing shots up to 400 ft.

Capturing images with RC helicopters, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality image at a fraction of the cost of utilizing a full-scale airplane or helicopter for aerial photography.

Swing Wing Productions in the news

 Swing Wing’s experience ranges from oil and gas drilling rigs to weddings. Specialties include:

  • Oil & Gas & Wind Energy Sites (Inspections & Site Aesthetics)
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Golf Course Layouts
  • Construction
  • Television Commercials
  • Auction Yards
  • City Parks, Bridges, and Downtown Skylines
  • Sporting Events & Athletic Facilities
  • Drone Repair
  • Infrared

The possibilities are endless! We book rates by the day, or even by the hour in certain situations. Swing Wing Productions would love to provide you with IMAGES WITH ALTITUDE.

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“Kris is able to capture and tell a much more interesting story of the oil and gas industry… It gives you a different perspective. I think a better perspective quite frankly.”
-Jay Norton, Norton Energy Drilling